About Quartz Self Funded Health Plans

Quartz is a reliable partner that helps companies efficiently administer the benefits of their self-funded health plans. Quartz provides experience, expertise, guidance and responsive service while helping you make the most of your health plan investment.

Flexible Self Funded Health Plan Design 
We help you build a health plan that meets your cost management goals while delivering value to your employees. We regularly provide claims reports and financial statements to help you protect your plan assets and experience fewer financial surprises.

Expansive Network
We give your employees access to an expansive provider network that includes access to a variety of primary and specialty providers.

Experienced Service
We assign you dedicated service specialists experienced in group administration, enrollment, claims payment, customer service, quality monitoring and more. Your Customer Service specialist will be available to assist you and your employees.

Proven Health Strategies 
We offer strategies to help you manage your overall claims which include wellness programs, health management programs, utilization management and more. 

Quality Partnerships
We partner with industry experts to help lower your costs and give you more control of your plan. Our experienced and professional vendors will provide stop-loss insurance coordination, dental and vision coverage, pharmacy benefits, reinsurance services, COBRA administration and more. Preferred partners include –

  • MedImpact 
  • Summit Reinsurance
  • UW Health

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